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Week One - Outbreak Monkey Headquaters
Starting an Epidemic for Change
Week One
This week I want to ask new members to smile at people that they encounter during their normal daily activities, particularly during those times that you would ordinarily ignore them or react to them negatively.   During or at the end of the week post a comment about your experience. Sincere smiles only please!
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eternamariposa From: eternamariposa Date: March 31st, 2007 07:08 pm (UTC) (Link)

Rubbing Sticks Together

I understand that this is a new community and for a while I may be the lone outbreak monkey, but I believe that as you follow my experiences you will be inspired, your curiosity will peak, and these sticks I am rubbing together will spark.

I admit that I don't get out as much as I used to since my son was born five months ago, but damn if people don't work slow and rude sometimes. So my husband, the baby, an I were going to just make a "quick" stop into Mimi Maternity for some nursing bras with the baby "happy" in the carrier. I needed to exchange some tops that didn't fit as well. The freakin' cashier overcharged me,refused my exchange even though the tops had been purchased two days before, wouldn't stop trying to make me buy other things, and in walks my frazzeled husband asking what is going on over the ever more angry cries spilling from the Kozy Carrier. Did the women work any faster? Of course not.

So I took a deep breath asked the husband to try taking the baby outside and turned to the woman behind the cash register who now appeared upset and smiled and said "it's alright, I understand that it's almost closing time and had probably been a long day." She laughed and said I had no idea. She sped up, overrode store policy and made my exchange, fixed her mistake, and sent us off with coupons, smiling and apologizing for the delay.
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