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What We Do - Outbreak Monkey Headquaters
Starting an Epidemic for Change
What We Do

The idea behind the Outbreak Monkeys is simple but powerful.  Everyday we have the opportunity to change the world, but we rarely seize it.  As human beings living in modern society we are extraordinarily contagious and influential in terms of one another.  How many times has having to wait in traffic or in line at the grocery store "ruined" your afternoon because people are just so rude?  How many small conflicts have become riots as a result of frightened people egging each other on?  I was thinking about these things one day and I started to wonder.  If we can impact each other negatively so easily then shouldn't  it also work in reverse?

Every week this community will receive a challenge and post about their experience.  The challenges will be pretty simple to begin with and won't really require very much effort or time on your part at all.  We will start with things like smiling at people rather than ignoring them, letting someone ahead of you in traffic or at the grocery store, getting the manager when you eat out to compliment the service, etc.  The challenges are always optional, you won't get banned for slacking off, but honestly participation is the whole idea here.  Challenges also never end, they will compound each other.  For example, if during week one we are smiling at people and saying "hello", we will be smiling at people and saying "hello" in addition to whatever we are doing in week two the following week, and so on.

Eventually as membership grows I hope to receive a variety of ideas from other Outbreak Monkeys as well.  I firmly believe that this can be something extremely powerful and life changing.  All potential members are welcome.  My only rule is participation.  I even happily welcome the nay sayers and invite them to stay up to date with the community, but I caution you that we are contagious.

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